Global Volunteer Season at Storyful #storyfulfilled

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Storyful’s inaugural Global Volunteer Season. In May and June, across the globe our teams will be volunteering with leading local and national philanthropic organizations.

We kicked off the initiative last week, when thirty-five members of the Storyful Dublin office spent the day volunteering with Depaul Charity, an organization working to support the homeless community in Ireland. Over the course of this month, our team members will volunteer at different Depaul accommodation centers across Dublin, supporting the centers’ painting, cooking, sorting and gardening needs.

In addition to our volunteer day activity with the organisation, the Dublin team had the privilege of donating the substantial sum of $20,000 (€17,470) to Depaul, thanks to a generous contribution from News Corp, our parent company.

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storyful volunteer event
storyful volunteer event

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