The world’s social media intelligence and news agency

We analyze conversations and content across digital platforms — from mainstream to fringe networks — to make sense of what’s happening on social media.

Our journalist founders crafted our unique approach

Storyful applies an investigative lens to verify and contextualize global conversations and events to surface market and news intelligence for newsrooms and corporations.

We help you harness the power of social media

Challenged by the speed of content creation and consequent disinformation, the world’s leading news agencies rely on us to verify and identify news and trends.

  • News Intelligence
  • Social Media Newswire
  • Video Content and Licensing

Faced with the challenge of managing brand reputation and communications, corporations look to us to monitor and understand perceptions and attitudes around their brand and industry.

  • Crisis Intelligence
  • Social Media Monitoring and Reporting

Pressured by shifting conversations and attitudes, brands are required to create relevant, identity-driven messaging and creative to stand out. Marketers look to us for social insights and content to power creative strategies.

  • Creative Intelligence
  • Content sourcing, licensing and production


Start Making Sense

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